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New York Cpa

5 Critical Questions For A New York CPA

A New York CPA can assist our businesses in a plethora of different ways. Having access to a certified public accountant is one of the most crucial aspects of our long term growth. They are able to provide helpful advice and guide a growing business in the right direction.

Knowing the right questions to ask of a New York CPA is important. Let’s take a closer look at the following questions. Those who take the time to ask the right ones are able to avoid the usual issues that tend to come up along the way.

1) Is Service Timely?

Accounting services are typically required in a very timely fashion. That’s why we need to find the right accountant for our needs. The best accountants know how to cater to our schedules and they do not leave us hanging during crucial moments. If the accountant is not able to assist their clients in a timely manner, then they are not an accountant that should be hired for any reason.

2) Does The Same Person Always Service Our Accounts?

In an ideal situation, the same New York CPA should be handling the account. This gives them the chance to learn more about the specific ins and outs. It also keeps accountants from making mistakes that are considered to be avoidable. If the firm that we are speaking with is the type of firm that simply sends out whoever is available, this is a sure sign that we need to seek out a different firm.

3) What Auxiliary Services Are Offered?

Everyone knows that the best New York CPA is typically able to handle the typical accountant duties. They should be able to crunch the numbers and handle some basic reporting. The best accountants stand apart from the crowd because of their ability to offer auxiliary services. An accountant who is unable to handle anything outside of the usual basic duties is an accountant that is essentially a glorified data entry clerk.

4) Can You Assist Us When It Comes To Increasing Revenue?

This might sound like the type of question that a smart aleck would ask. It is a very legitimate one, though. If a client asks this question of their prospective accountant and they are not able to receive a concrete answer? This means that the search must continue elsewhere. A top notch accountant is able to look at the average business and find out as much as possible about their ability to increase revenues.

5) Are We Paying Too Many Taxes?

There is more wiggle room when it comes to the taxes that we pay than most realize. There are also companies that may not be paying enough taxes. This is an area that needs to be analyzed by professionals. A topic like this one is a tough one to be objective about. The average business owner tends to spend more on taxes than they should in most instances and in order to find out which side of the line we stand on, we need access to a New York CPA.


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