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International Tax Accountant

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International Tax Accountant

If your business expands to new global markets, congratulations. You’re tapping into new sources of revenues. At the same time, unfortunately, you’re exposed to new tax liabilities, risks and challenges. The international tax landscape changes as regulations evolve. International tax laws vary from country to country, creating a complex labyrinth of rules and policies. The international tax Accountants at Miller & Company can help you navigate the treacherous and overwhelming tax waters.

The international tax preparation services minimize the risk and reduce the tax burden for your global business. Miller & Company LLP, NY Certified Public Accountants, a best rated CPA firm in NYC

The international tax accountants at Miller & Company with offices in NYC and Queens specialize in international taxes and expatriate tax preparation. Their primary focus is to help your company increase its cash flow while decreasing your effective international and U.S. tax rates. These leading International tax accountants provide peace of mind while allowing your global operations to prosper and grow into new international markets.

An international tax preparation team protects you from risks that global operations face. They fully comply with the most recent tax laws. You can expect tax services from Miller & Company that focus on these four areas:

  1. International tax expertise
  2. Compliance and risk management
  3. Inbound and outbound planning
  4. Global tax outsourcing

International Tax Expertise

Regardless of the size or scope of your global operations, you face many challenges while doing business in foreign countries, including:

  • Fluctuations of currency
  • Local labor laws
  • Foreign government regulations

The tax accountants at Miller & Company are proficient in international tax preparations. They can prepare your taxes, no matter how complex your markets or how big your business. They can even assist your business with expansion into or out of the United States. They can advise you regarding investments here and in other countries with expert business consulting services. These international tax specialists can advise you about:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Transfer pricing
  • Cash repatriation

Some tax issues in other countries have to be dealt with promptly. Your tax professional has to be well versed in the regulatory and legislative rules that apply to multinational companies. At Miller & Company, you’ll find big-picture international tax accountants who know a broad range of international tax laws to provide you with immediate service for real-time issues.

Compliance and Risk Management

A forum was established by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to promote growth for international companies. The OECD is a non-governmental entity, and it created a 15-point plan to promote “fair, effective and efficient tax systems.” One of the functions of the OECD’s action plan is to address issues involving profit sharing and base erosion, which helps tax preparers exploit the tax rules of certain countries.

Because the various tax laws among nations are so complicated, they may be exploited to create double non-taxation for companies — non-taxation in the home country and in a foreign country. This double non-taxation undermines the integrity and fairness of both tax systems. Profit shifting and base erosion refer to tax strategies that take advantages of tax rules to shift profits to countries that have a low level of economic activity, which results in a lower tax liability for that company.

Inbound and Outbound Planning

Inbound international activities typically cover two areas:

  1. Foreign companies expanding operations to the U.S. through a branch or subsidiary to the foreign operation
  2. Foreigners coming to America to invest in American companies, securities or real estate

Outbound international activities include three primary areas:

  1. U.S. companies expanding their operations to foreign countries through a branch or subsidiary of the American corporation
  2. American citizens investing or conducting business abroad
  1. Cross-border transactions that include interpretation of income tax treaties

Global Tax Outsourcing

When your business expands overseas, it faces complex revenue authorities, strict reporting standards and constantly rising regulatory measures. Complicating this and drastically changing the market are system-based audits, new technology and revised e-filing requirements. Best Manhattan accountant Miller & Company stays on top of all of these issues so you can focus on your business. Global outsourcing experts manage your company’s tax liabilities overseas. The global tax outsourcing services provided include:

Foreign Tax Complexities

One of the biggest factors that determine your company’s profit or loss is your tax liability. Penalties for filing taxes wrong are numerous and expensive — both to your finances and your reputation. In the last few years, foreign tax governing bodies and the IRS have increased oversight on multinational company earnings, and have promoted increased transparency on these earnings. This scrutiny has ramped up since the enactment of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Miller & Company’s compliance and risk management professionals reduce the tax risks of your company’s foreign interests. They work with you person-to-person, welcoming your input and feedback, as they identify concerns and problematic areas. Then they provide strategies to avoid the risks, saving your company money. Some of the potential risk areas include:

  • U.S. compliance and tax reporting
  • Transfer pricing
  • Withholding tax reporting
  • Cross-border reorganization

Foreign Companies Operating in the U.S.

Miller & Company also serves foreign companies investing or doing business in the United States. The international tax experts assist you with preparing and filing U.S. income tax, estate tax and gift tax concerns. They also help you take advantage of income tax treaty benefits that the United States has with your native country. These tax consultants also serve entrepreneurs with structuring foreign businesses in the U.S., including:

  • Foreign ownership of U.S. assets
  • U.S. withholding requirements
  • Income taxes
  • Estate taxes

Foreign Bank Reporting

Miller & Company provides services to clients who have bank accounts in foreign countries that aren’t common financial institutions. This can be a complicated realm for those unfamiliar with the banking laws and regulations of the foreign country. Miller & Company acts as your advocate in protecting your company’s interests.

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