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Miller & Company LLP, CPA Firm

Best Rated Tax Accounting Firm in NYC, Queens NY, Sarasota FL and Washington DC for Your Whole Life

Let Your Wealth Work for You

Tax accounting isn’t just numbers on a page; it impacts your life in fundamental ways. Without constant vigilance, your financial, tax accountability can spiral out of control. As your wealth increases, so do your financial complexities. Best rated CPA Firm in NYC Miller & Company of New York finds solutions that let your wealth work for you, not against you.


You deserve exceptional tax accounting service from top accounting firm in NYC for all your financial needs — from tax accounting servicescash flow managementsuccession planning to tax auditsforensic accounting and much more. Save money with the most astute CPAs in NYC. No financial problem is too large or complicated for the keen minds, top accountants at Miller & Company in Manhattan and Queens, NY. Work with CPAs in NYC who offer exceptional value and tax accounting services for:

Not Just Another Tax Accountant in NYC

Most New York tax accountants and NYC CPA firms focus on what you put in front of them. They’re good accountants and maybe best at what they do, but they see only what’s there. Miller & Company, a top accounting firm in NYC with locations in Manhattan and Queens sees what other tax accountants miss: the possibilities and dreams of the person behind the monetary machinations.


Only by understanding the whole problem can you hope to unravel the Gordian knot of your finances. To achieve your goals, you must hold a vision of what you want your life to become.


Work with experienced, best rated tax accountants in NYC who create those desired outcomes. Talk to New York financial experts who look beyond the page to find how your business and lifestyle can work together in ways you never imagined.

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Wide Range of Accounting Services in New York

With the right combination of creative ideas and constant vigilance, your wealth is secure with best rated NYC accountants at Miller & Company LLP.

New York Business Accounting
we protect your interest

Miller & Company, the top NYC CPA firm brings a depth of understanding to wealth management unparalleled in the industry.

New York Small Business Accounting
exceptional accounting

Successful business owners rely on CPAs who can provide exceptional accounting for a small business that transcends the obvious.

New York Self Employment Accounting
protect your wealth

Accountants in New York and Washington, DC keep your books, manage your cash flow, make payroll, prepare your taxes and protect your wealth and growth.

New York Forensic Accounting
root out fraud & allegations

We are certified forensic accountants, credentialed by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and can work independently or through a larger accounting firm.

Miller & Company takes the time necessary to fully comprehend your unique financial situation before presenting any plans, advice or solutions. No opportunity goes unturned when exploring the best tax-saving procedures.

accounting New York



The services you receive from your personal CPAs at Miller & Company are customized to your specific needs.

Accounting Services
Business Consulting New York

Business Consulting

strategic planning

We serve as a platform that gives you access to a small business consultant who understands your financial position.

Business Consulting

IRS Audits

protecting property

Miller & Company, a top tax accounting firm, offers many services to prevent an IRS audit and assist you in the event of one.

IRS Audit

Accounting and Tax Services for Discerning Business People

Paul Miller CPA, best rated accountant in NYC and Queens leads the industry in customized, personal accounting services. Accountants in NYC delivering world class consulting, compliance and tax services. The accounting team focuses solely on your financial goals and desired outcomes. Totally invested in your success, they work with your business as if it were their own. Contact Paul Miller, a top NYC accountant for tax services and QuickBooks accounting.

Accountants For Powerful and Personal Niche Businesses

Call on accountant NYC, tax consultants and business advisors you can trust — multilingual professionals with international experience. Miller & Company caters to high net-worth individuals and thriving businesses that need a personal accountant touch and an analytical eye. If that describes you, call for innovative New York accounting and strategic services such as:

NYC accountant, expert at every level of accounting and dedicated to the fine art of customer service, your accounting team keeps you informed on an ongoing basis. Expect your NYC accountant at Miller & Company to go beyond a simple annual review — because your satisfaction isn’t based on a once-a-year report. It’s an ongoing process: for you, your business and your life.

Tax Services in NYC and Queens, NY

Your personal accounting team and accountant in Manhattan and the New York City metropolitan area Paul Miller won’t fit you into a set algorithm to determine your tax burden. Professional tax preparation services are individualized to protect and maximize your wealth.

Only a personalized accountant in NYC or Queens can offer that level of service.

Your personal accountant in NYC at Miller & Company takes the time necessary to fully comprehend your unique financial situation before presenting any plans, advice or solutions. No opportunity goes unturned when exploring the best tax-saving procedures available to you. Your top rated CPA in NYC can resolve your tax problems, including an IRS audit.

QuickBooks Accounting, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Your books are the nerve center of your success. Bookkeeping processes shouldn’t be a chore, but rather an exciting process that reveals the heights of your achievements. Internal controls and spot-on accounting ensure that your wealth provides for you now and in the future. QuickBooks is the ideal software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Allow Miller & Company to set you up with QuickBooks. Get training and ongoing support from our best rated QuickBooks ProAdvisor that offer committed personalized service.

Receive regular check-ups. QuickBooks is the accounting software of choice for savvy business owners in Manhattan and the New York City metropolitan area.

Contact us for a consultation: 718-767-0737.