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Preparation Quotes

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Preparation Quotes

Whether you’re buying or selling a business, a product or a service, its cost plays a huge role in your final decision. What that price is based on takes into account a number of variables:

  • Its value to you and the buyer or seller
  • Going market price
  • Cost of making the products
  • Time involved in providing the service
  • Willingness of the buyer or seller to negotiate
  • Other variables unique to each situation

Creating or considering various planning quotes is an extensive process; it requires a keen sense of a wide range of financial variables. Miller & Company LLP, NY Certified Public Accountants, a best rated New York CPA firm.

Many industries rely on standardized pricing models that don’t vary much from vendor to vendor. For example, if you own a string of hair salons, there’s little variation in the prices quoted to customers. Your managers don’t have to prepare quotes for each new client. On the other hand, if you’re looking to renovate a block of real estate holdings in the metropolitan New York City area, you’ll want to get NYC preparation quotes from a number of New York City contractors before choosing one for your project.

Rely on Your Personal CPA

If you have to weigh multiple preparation quotes, you need to be able to separate a wide range of financial variables. Unless you enjoy spending hours and hours poring over financial statements — and potentially making incorrect assumptions about different plan quotes — you need the help of an experienced NYC accounting firm such as Miller & Company with offices in NYC and Queens to gauge the worthiness of those mounds of reports.

You’ve developed the expertise specifically in NYC to become exceptionally successful in your business. Like you, the top-level accountants in Manhattan at Miller & Company located in NYC and Queens have spent years honing their skills at reading and creating outstanding financial reports. Coupled with a keen understanding of your personal finances, that level of expertise enables your CPA in NYC to help you build your business by:

  • Creating fixed prices for your products
  • Building preparation quotes for large service clients
  • Ensuring you maintain your level of wealth

Buyer Beware

As a buyer, you may receive a number of responses to your requests for quotations (RFQs). Many vendors and contractors are adept at creating long, in-depth proposals full of extensive legalese and accounting variables. They have experienced NYC accountants creating those documents for them; you should have the same expertise on your side to provide you with:

  • Forensic accountant. Ferret out any inconsistencies or potential pitfalls in the deal. An accounting investigator can read between the lines to ensure you’re protected at every stage of the project.
  • Accounting services. This service takes into account only your interests. If your accountant reads an RFQ, for example, and notices the fine print that actually translates the document quite differently than you expected, like realizing that the bid is actually an estimate rather than a quote — which can make a substantial difference in what you end up paying the contractor.
  • Valuation expertise. This skill can be extremely useful when you’re trying to gauge the market value of a property or business you’re interested in purchasing.

On the Sales Side

When you’re the buyer, you may have an astute understanding of the industry in which you operate, but your business accountant looks at every deal with a different set of eyes. To create your preparation quotes, you need someone on whom you can rely to catch the financial nuances that could actually turn a lucrative contract into a very lucrative deal. Professional CPAs at Miller & Company working in Manhattan and the metropolitan New York City area bring experience in planning quotes with services such as:

  • Small business strategic planning. Get the added benefit of seeing and evaluating the big picture for you and your company. No deal operates in a vacuum, and the next preparation quote that you submit needs to play a role in your overall business plan if it’s going to help you reach your personal and business goals.
  • Small business accounting. Big-picture NYC accounting for small business gives you an edge, especially if you’re competing against large corporate entities vying for the same projects. A small, lean organization like yours can compete when you rely on an experienced small business accountant to turn a proposal in your favor.
  • Due diligence consultant. This service ensures you’ve looked at the deal from every angle.

On Your Side

When you rely on an accountant who takes a holistic approach, you’ll receive more value than just numbers on a page. You get a professional CPA who wears many hats — not the least of which is a consultant with ideas, strategies and plans that fit your situation. Where other businesses have a team of consultants who may or may not even speak to each other when it comes to those important RFQs and other contracts, a best rated CPA in Manhattan, Miller & Company CPA brings so much more to your table.

Your personal accountant scopes out and creates the most favorable RFQs for you. You also want someone to take into consideration all the other financial aspects of every deal — details that you may not even consider at the start of a new endeavor. Some of these additional benefits include:

  • Tax planning services. You always fare better with the IRS, both personally and through your business dealings, when your accountant works with you all through the year, not just in April. Every deal has its own unique tax consequences that a far-sighted CPA recognizes.
  • Audited financial statements. Whether you’re buying or selling, financial institutions require audited financial statements before they can approve your deals. You’ll always be prepared to take advantage of prime opportunities when your accountant continually provides these documents to you and your investors, board, partners and anyone else with a stake in your business.

Cash Flow Management. By becoming intimately familiar with your cash flow, both inside the company and in your personal affairs, your accountant ensures your liquidity remains solid. You didn’t get to where you are today by making rash, uniformed decisions. Maintain your financial position with experience and skill sets you only get from a CPA with the kind of wealth management expertise you now need.

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