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Tax Accountant CPA for Lawyers, Attorneys

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Tax Accountant CPA for Lawyers /Attorneys

Tax accountants and CPAs for lawyers enhance the smooth flow of your practice. When you fully trust and rely on a CPA for attorneys, you can focus your attention on the important matters of your clientele. And when your top Manhattan CPA also takes care of your personal financial issues, you won’t have to take those precarious steps to switch accountants, a practice that in and of itself it counterproductive.

In accounting, as in practicing law, the details matter most. Find an accountant who knows the law, like Miller & Company, and stick with him.

Choosing a tax accountant and CPA for lawyers should be a task you do with confidence, expecting to get all the services you need from one NYC accountant. You focus on what makes you the best lawyer in town and allow Miller & Company to watch your finances and provide exceptional guidance when warranted.

Because you choose an experienced accountant familiar with wealth management, you’re also getting top-notch services for your personal and family accounts. So, whether you’re in a solo practice, in business with a partner, or part of a larger firm, your top Manhattan CPA for lawyers has you covered for a wide range of accounting services that include:

Your Specialty Becomes Our Specialty

Like many professions, yours is one that often leads to legal specialization. As a CPA for lawyers, Miller & Company understands the need for substantial knowledge about your specialty. Some of the major areas of law practice that your top Manhattan accountant services include:

  • Immigration attorneys. In this role, you play an important part in many people’s lives. You work with students, professionals and families who face the daunting task of obtaining visas, finding sponsors and becoming naturalized. While you handle everything from routine applications to emergency situations, you want a CPA that understands and appreciates your special needs and brings expertise in international tax accounting and expatriate issues.
  • Family attorneys. As a specialist in family law, your practice ranges from the contentious to the congenial — and everything in between. With so many emotional and complicated issues involved with family law, you don’t need to be out looking for a new accountant yourself when you’re in the midst of important litigation. Choose the best CPA for lawyers in Manhattan and allow him to manage your own personal finances as well.
  • Employment and labor attorneys. No matter which side of the table you sit on during labor disputes, your attention must be laser-focused. Usually, there are a wide range of workers and their families whose lives rest on the negotiations you’re able to help produce, whether it’s for employers, unions or employees. In your capacity, you’ll especially appreciate the level of accountancy in your own practice when it comes to issues such as pension audits and payroll tax problems.
  • Criminal attorneys. While so much of your expertise lies in the nuances of federal and New York state laws, you can rely on a top Manhattan accountant that also brings an exceptional body of knowledge to the table with respect to local, regional and national tax and accounting law. Your personal accounting needs are also in good hands with the best CPA for lawyers in Manhattan.

Corporate and securities attorneys. Practicing perhaps the field of law that most closely resembles the work of a CPA for lawyers, you are most attuned to the nuances and variable levels of impact an experienced, top-level accountant can have on both your personal and business accounting practices. You also are acutely aware of the importance of trust-building with your CPA and how vital it is that you build and maintain that relationship.

Do you have questions for Paul Miller, a top rated CPA for Lawyers in NYC? Would you like to receive a personal accounting services consultation customized to your specific needs? To schedule an appointment with internationally recognized best accountant for attorneys in NYC, Paul Miller of Miller & Company LLP, please contact our office in New York City or Long Island for a FREE accountant consultation.

The information on this site is to be used for informational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional CPA or accountant advice. It is important to visit a highly specialized CPA firm in New York with top rated, best in class NYC accountants regarding creative ideas customized to your specific needs. Visit a leading Accounting firm in NYC and Queens, NY Miller & Company LLP. We are taking an exceptional individual care of each client.